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Tuning auto, sale/setting of autoglasses

"KMP BLITS" makes whole-sales and retail-sales of auto-glass of Ukrainian and imported production and gives all service for its choice and installation.

Autoglass of Doraglass. Back windscreens lateral, with electro-heating. Triplex. We have much experience of straight import of glass from Europe and CIS countries. Nowadays we are the main dealer of such production to the Ukrainian market and we propose the widest assortment of auto-glass in Ukraine. The assortment is more than 3000 models. We have signed dealers' agreements with the leaders of the auto-glass brands. We are official dealers of a famous Turkish producer of auto-glass the company "DORAGLASS" in Ukraine.

We have the biggest modernized ware-house (with the general square 1000m3) in Ukraine and we are quickly able to satisfy inquiries of whole-sale and retail customers proposing all the varieties of original and licensed auto-glass for all kinds of transportation means, including load, passenger and specialized transport.

Our assortment includes:

  • Windscreen glass
  • Lateral red-hot glass
  • Back glass with electrical heating
  • Glass for specialized transportation means
  • Auto-glass "Triplex"

The highest quality of the goods, wide assortment of models and a perfect service are our main competitive advantages. The straight work with glass brands lets our firm retain prices of the producers for customers.

Our service for customers:

  • The highest assortment of auto-glass of all kinds for low prices!!!
  • Specialized auto-service for installation and substitution of auto-glass
  • Delivering the whole-sale inquiries by our own transport
  • A wide net of the regional dealers

We invite to mutually beneficial collaboration producers and whole-sale dealers of auto-glass.

The photos of our ware-house and our production are in the heading "Projects".


Pressurized, Made red-hot, Double glass multi-layered DORA AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. Has been producing Laminated and Tempered Autoglasses in an area covering 21.000 Squire meters in Ankara, During production of glasses, DORAGLASS always use high technology equipment and machines that are accepted and proven its quality worldwide.

DORAGLASS presents the automotive glasses to its customers under the TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 Quality assurance Systems TSE (TS-917 Turkiye) ECE-R43 E17, ECE-R43 E37 Europe , DOT 623 USA , SABS 1193-1978 South Africa standards.

DORAGLASS has been marketing to OEM (Mercedes Benz, TEMSA, Mitsubishi, BMC), replacement market and abroad Laminated and Tempered glass that is produced under a wide production line.

Многослойное, Герметизированное, Калённое, Двойное стекло DORAGLASS with 250 employees, seven region warehouses and 125 dealers shall use its efforts to raise the product quality employing the latest technologies, so as to attaib the future more soundlt in globalising world.

Proposal is hotter

Making of autoseats, covers tourist folding arm-chairs auto, and autosofas.

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Распродажа шлемoв компании "Suоmy". Скидка 20%, количество шлемoв ограничено!

We propose

Sale, setting of autoglasses, re-equipment of motor transport, Tuning.

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