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Tuning auto, sale/setting of autoglasses

Commercial proposal

"KMP BLITS" invites all owners of transportation means to try our professional auto-service, the specialization of which is:

  • Re-equipment load-trucks and minivans into the passenger and load-passenger minibuses
  • Covering re-equipment of the passenger transportation mans saloons
  • Substitution of auto-glass of all kinds of transportation means
  • Installation seats in the saloons of minibuses and load-trucks
  • Outer and inner tuning
  • Installation of air-conditioner, audio-video equipment and other technical means in all kinds of transportation

For commercial structure

We invite to mutually beneficial collaboration enterprises of Ukraine and CIS, which work in the auto-service sphere and whole-sale and retail-sale of auto-goods.

We take interest in reliable and permanent business partners who are ready to sell our products and service in their regions and countries. Such service and goods as:

There is a system of specialized cut prices for all whole-sale customers and official dealers.

We never let down our partners and we are always propose only perfect goods, qualitative service and the most beneficial conditions for partnership.

Specialized proposal

A new trade group has appeared in our assortment: furniture fabrics, the wide assortment of which you can buy for cut prices.

For more detail information you can appeal to our office or use e-mail..

Proposal is hotter

Sale, setting of autoglasses, re-equipment of motor transport, Tuning.

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При выполнении работ по тюнингу на сумму от 10 тыс. Евро, комплект 15" дюймовых литых дисков в подарок



Распродажа шлемoв компании "Suоmy". Скидка 20%, количество шлемoв ограничено!

We propose

Edging and re-equipment of salon, sewing and replacement of covers, overtighting and decorative finishing.

Тюнинг джип - внедорожник, Интернет магазин