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Tuning auto, sale/setting of autoglasses

A production and commercial enterprise "KMP BLITS" is the biggest in the sphere of re-equipment automobile transportation. It is one of the leaders on the Ukrainian whole-sale market of the automobile glass.

We have the experience of many years, we are on the leaders' positions in Ukraine, our customers rely on us and we have a good business reputation among Ukrainian and foreign partners.

We propose:

  • The widest in Ukraine whole-sale and retail assortment of glass for all kinds of transportation and its installment
  • A complex service of re-equipment load-minibuses into passengers or load-passengers.
  • The service of covering and re-equipment saloons of the minibuses.
  • The tuning of the saloons and outer tuning of the cars, minibuses and jeeps.
  • The equipment of minibuses with seats of our own production.
  • The manufacture and whole-retail sale of the automobile seats of our own production.
  • Whole-retail sale of furniture fabrics

We guarantee you'll receive the goods of high quality for the most pleasant prices choosing anything we propose!

There is whole and retail-sale assortment, which includes original and licensed production of the world-known glass brands. A special status in the assortment has the production of the Turkish automobile glass brand "DORAGLASS", which we officially represent in Ukraine. We are always expanding dealer's net of the whole-sale of this mark in Ukraine and CIS.

Autoglass, re-equipment of minibuses, edging of salon, making of seats, tuning of car. We propose the service of covering and decoration of the minibuses saloons with the quality, level and design which don't have analogues in Ukraine. It corresponds to the highest standards in CIS and Eastern Europe.

The seats for passenger minibuses, produced by "KMP BLITS" are made with the thought of the exploitation conditions of our country and they are ready for various kinds of journeys.

We've got official permission and all necessary certificates for the re-equipment load-trucks into passenger and load-passenger minibuses.

We give a guarantee on all our produced production and all kinds of service.

If you wish our production may be delivered by our means of transportation to any region.

You can have a rest in a special resting room while we are working with your order You can have a rest in a special resting room while we are working with your order. We'll have finished building a hotel for our foreign customers and customers from other towns by 2006.

We do everything to make our partnership not only beneficial, but pleasant! You can use our dealer's service on the whole territory of Ukraine and also in Moscow.

We are working to open a branch-office in Moldova.

Proposal is hotter

Edging and re-equipment of salon, sewing and replacement of covers, overtighting and decorative finishing.

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При выполнении работ по тюнингу на сумму от 10 тыс. Евро, комплект 15" дюймовых литых дисков в подарок



Распродажа шлемoв компании "Suоmy". Скидка 20%, количество шлемoв ограничено!

We propose

Making of autoseats, covers tourist folding arm-chairs auto, and autosofas.

Тюнинг джип - внедорожник, Интернет магазин