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Tuning auto, sale/setting of autoglasses

Re-equipment of minibuses: cutting in of windows apertures, assembling openings, hatches. The basic way of work of the company "KMP BLITS" is complement service of professional re-equipment and tuning of minibuses of various marks. We have much experience in this sphere and we are the leaders in Ukraine, also we have a great success in this sphere in CIS countries.

Our service includes the re-equipment of passenger minibuses from the load-buses and modernization and renovation load-passenger transportation.

We propose for the re-equipment of minibuses:

  • Body work: cut-in window opening, installing inlets, ventilation and breakdown engine-room hatch, lifting of the roof
  • Installing power frame-work: podiums, load-shelves, boots, entrance footsteps and boosters
  • Installing of the breakdown exit and a lateral door
  • Glazing the windows
  • Installation of the seats
  • Covering and decoration of the saloon
  • Equipment of the saloon with handrails
  • Equipment of the boots
  • Installation of the front and back protective shafts
  • Sound, thermo and vibro-isolation of the body-work
  • Installation of the climate systems and ventilation
  • Installation of the cantilever with video-audio equipment
  • Installation of the extra equipment and build-in furniture
  • Equipment of the saloons of the first rate
  • Official legalization of the necessary permissions for registration and re-registration in the Ukrainian road police

Setting of the climatic systems and ventilation, Registration of necessary permissions for registration and re-registering, Equipment of salons of class the first `class`. The re-equipment of all marks of load-minibuses happens in conditions of specialized production, which have in its disposal all the necessary technological equipment and multi-level quality. The enterprise has the official licenses and certificates for all kinds of re-equipment.

We can allow working with standard re-equipment variants or working with an individual project using not-standard materials and equipment.

All the re-equipped in our company cars could have extra tuning.

We can satisfy all inquiries of our customers due to the highest level of our specialists, a great experience, the widest assortment and qualities of the used technologies and materials.

We have customers not only in Vinnitsa and Ukraine, today we intensively work in Moscow and other big cities of Russia and CIS.

We work quickly, effectively and we are always ready to take into consideration all your individual desires.

We'll be very glad to see you our customers and clients!

Look at the examples of our work in the heading "Projects".

Proposal is hotter

Edging and re-equipment of salon, sewing and replacement of covers, overtighting and decorative finishing.

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We propose

Sale, setting of autoglasses, re-equipment of motor transport, Tuning.

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