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Tuning auto, sale/setting of autoglasses

The company "KMP BLITS" proposes to use the advantages of modern tuning for those who have got tired of the standard plant's design of their cars.

Tuning is creation of the car from the standard plant's model into a car with unbelievable inner and outer individuality by the way of technical revision and design changes. Your could turn from the trite means of transportation into an exclusive "iron horse" after peculiar "creative revision", exploitation of which can give a lot of positive emotions to a real automobile gourmet.

Tuning of car: aerodynamic false weight, tuning bumper, antiwings, spoiler, protective arcs. Our outer tuning supposes the installation of the plastic clothes on the car (a spoiler, a bumper, splashes boards) to make aerodynamics of the car more better.

Alternative and tuning optics, Neon illumination, Cast discs, Decorative labels and patches, moldings and other outer accessories The effects of the plastic clothes are better stableness and controllability of the car running with a high speed. The car's speed becomes faster and the use of the petrol becomes lower. We get these effects from the diminution of resistibility of the air and the appearance of the extra pressing power.

There is important difference of our service except the creative part of it. It is the using of qualitative complements and professional equipment, which guarantee the best result and a real pleasure from the journey in a tuning car.

You can cardinally change the image of your car installing more popular means of modern tuning if you use our service. They are:

  • Aerodynamic clothes
  • Tuning bumper
  • Splashes boards
  • Spoilers
  • Protective arcs "kengooryatniki"

For your extra desire may be installed:

  • Alternative and tuning optics
  • Neon illumination
  • Cast discs
  • Decorative labels and patches, moldings and other outer accessories

Except the outer tuning we can propose inner of the saloon of your car:

  • Padding of the saloon and changing the design of it
  • Acoustic and video tuning of the saloon
  • Climate tuning of the saloon

Padding of the saloon with auto-leather or auto-velour and also individual sewing of covers, installing various illumination and decorative elements can help to renovate, modernize or simply change color gamma of the saloon, giving it more prestigious and original design.

Overtighting of salon and change of design, Acoustic and video of tuning of salon, Climatic tuning of salon Acoustic and video tuning supposes the installation and tuning of the acoustics, boosters, auto-recorder and video systems. We propose for re-equipment the best models of audio-video equipment of
the world-known brands: Blaupunkt, Kenwood, Pioner, Sony, Panasonic and others.

Climate tuning supposes the installment of the air-conditioner and the system "climate-control" in the saloon. We use the equipment of Russian and Israeli producers.

Rely your car on the hands of true professionals and receive your daily portion of excellent mood and pleasure from the exploitation of your car!

Proposal is hotter

Edging and re-equipment of salon, sewing and replacement of covers, overtighting and decorative finishing.

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При выполнении работ по тюнингу на сумму от 10 тыс. Евро, комплект 15" дюймовых литых дисков в подарок



Распродажа шлемoв компании "Suоmy". Скидка 20%, количество шлемoв ограничено!

We propose

Making of autoseats, covers tourist folding arm-chairs auto, and autosofas.

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